Have You decided to run Your own business and You do not know which one to choose: SP,  Ltd., public enterprise or other legal form?
We will establish Your company quickly (in 2 working days!!!) and professionally after analysis of the risk which is acceptable for You, creating Your proper business. We will consult You free on companies establishment and financial questions.

Are You in a lack of money for the formation of the authorized capital? Company establishment is no longer a problem – we are capable of establishing a company for You without a compulsory authorized capital of LTL 10.000.

Do You need a company immediately? It is not a problem – choose the established company from our list and start working right now. A COMPANY IN A HALF AN HOUR!

You can choose those types of corporate persons:

  • Private limited liability company (Ltd.);
  • Sole Proprietorship (SP);
  • Public enterprise;
  • General Partnership (GP);
  • Limited Partnership (LP);
  • Charity and Support Fund (CSF);
  • Association;
  • Stock Company (SC);
  • Community of Block of Flats Owners;
  • Gardeners Community;
  • other types of corporate persons.

Quick and reliable establishment of companies.

Form of establishment.

You can go to the website of Centre of Registers for checking, whether the nameof future company is available.

Classification of Economic Activities (NACE)

List of Activities which need a Licence